2016 DCT Winners
Posted by LeRoy Walters
12:34 PM

2016 Dancer’s Cup Tour Awards

Top Female Students
6th  Place  Janice Stanton     Clive Phillips     Plymouth, MI
5th  Place  Sharon Gentling     Gary Dahl     Rochester, MN
4th  Place  Corinne Rao     Jason Shearin     Columbia, MO
3rd  Place  Elaine Fieldman     Blake Kish     Birmingham, MI
2nd  Place  Darcy Adamczyk     Gary Dahl     Rochester, MN
1st  Place  Lauren LaPointe     Louis Bar     Las Vegas, NV

Top Male Students
6th  Place  Lynn Longseth     Shalene Archer     Nashville, TN
5th  Place  Tom Traugott     Shalene Archer     Nashville, TN
4th  Place  Steve Reichlin     Amanda Buchana     Columbia, MO
3rd  Place  Ron Allen     Amanda Buchana     Columbia, MO
2nd  Place  Gary Parkes     Jamiee Simon     Nashville, TN
1st  Place  Russ Longley     Shalene Archer     Lake Ozark, MO

Top Teachers
10th  Place  Matt Rivers    Chicago, IL
9th  Place  Jean-Paul Gronek    Grove City, OH
8th  Place  Clive Phillips    Plymouth, MI
7th  Place  Jamie Simon    Nashville, TN
6th  Place  Amanda Buchana    Columbia, MO
5th  Place  Blake Kish    Birmingham, MI
4th  Place  Jason Shearin    Columbia, MO
3rd  Place  Louis Bar    Las Vegas, NV
2nd  Place  Shalene Archer    Nashville, TN
1st  Place  Gary Dahl    Rochester, MN

2017 Tour Events!
Posted by Amy Anderson
9:16 AM

The 2017 Tour will kick off with the CLEVELAND DANCESPORT CHALLENGE in September of 2016 and also include the following events....First Coast Classic 2016; Ohio Star Ball 2016; Nashville Starz 2017; California Open; St. Louis Star Ball; Wisconsin State; American Star Ball; Twin Cities Open; and ending with the Heart of America!!

Best of the Best
Posted by Amy Anderson
4:49 AM

Dancers Cup Tour Represents at the Best of the Best! The Dancers Cup Tour will have SIX representatives at the Best of the Best Competition at this years Ohio Star Ball Championships ! After each DCT event, a Top Bronze, Silver & Gold Male & Female student will be determined. The Overall Top Bronze, Silver, & Gold Male & Female students will be invited to represent the Dancers Cup Tour at the Best of the Best At the Ohio Star Ball ! You dont have to qualify, except the more Tour events you attend the better your chances are to be the Dancers Cup Tour Best of the Best!! The top awards will be determined from attendance at the Ohio Star Ball 2015 through the First Coast Classic 2016. *Tour events include Ohio Star Ball 2015, Nashville StarZ 2016, California Open 2016, St. Louis Star Ball 2016, Wisconsin State 2016, American Star Ball 2016, Twin Cities Open 2016, Heart of America 2016, Cleveland Challenge 2016, First Coast Classic 2016.

Professional Semi-Finalists' Prize Money
Posted by Debbie Kusumi
10:18 PM
The Dancers Cup Tour is proud to be the only Tour to present prize money to the Semi-finalists in the Open Professional Divisions!!